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自从新加坡I家的咸蛋薯片刮起了热潮,越来越多人注意到咸蛋产品都具有迷人的魅力,让人吃了还想再吃! 全马各地几乎都会有一间以咸蛋为主题的餐厅,然而并不是每间餐厅都靠近你家又或者有时间过去一趟。在Kravve - 一个专卖手工产品的平台,集合各种咸蛋产品,让你一次过购买你所爱的产品! Ash & Quin Artisanal Delights 这家卖的咸蛋玉米片是荣获Kravve 前三Top Selling的产品!可见她的咸蛋玉米片是多让人回味无穷!吃完一罐,还想再来一罐!包括小编我! 咸蛋薯片:点我购买! Greenie Mummy's Kitchen ...

[Testimony] 10 Reasons Why 80+ Merchants Trusted Kravve To Grow Their Business

Kravve started with a very simple mission - to make online food selling simple for individuals like my mum, who sadly gave up selling because of the complexity in it.  Yes, Kravve was inspired by my mum. It was just a normal day, where I casually ask her "why don't you sell your pumpkin jam online? it's the e-commerce age now, should be easy to sell things online". Only then I realised, it was not easy at all especially with food. All other big names like Lazada,, and etc are just not designed for food selling. This is how Kravve was started. It is to help individuals like my mum to sell food online, and to make some extra income as well.  Through 9 months of really diving into the community and to understand the problems and needs, we are able to help to not only simplify the process of selling food online, but also...

[Merchant Reward Program] How Kravve help individuals to boost homemade food sales online?

It's been a roller coaster ride since we started Kravve back in February 2017. It all started with a casual conversation with my mum, where we realised it was really really difficult for an individual seller like my mum to sell food online. *she made really good pumpkin jam btw. Ever since then, we have been finding ways to make it easy to assist individuals who sell homemade food online.  Fortunately, after months of experimenting (and failing), Kravve has finally worked out and has been growing 60% month to month. This can never happen without the first few of you who believed in our idea! We are beyond thankful for those who have believed in us since the very beginning when we had nothing and is still supporting us until this very day.  As a form of saying thank you, we have come out with the "Merchant Reward Program" to...