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Common Questions

How is Kravve different from the other platform?

Kravve allows you to easily create your personalised online store. You will receive an Email Notification for every order. You can manage and track past/upcoming orders on your Vendor Dashboard.

What are the benefits to sell on Kravve?

1. Publish your product only once. 2. Personalised link – To share around other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, direct all orders to one place so it is easier to manage. 3. Personalised dashboard – Orders and customer details can be easily viewed 4. We handle product delivery on behalf. 5. Exposure to target market – We connect your product to related audience online and offline.

Cool! Can I see some examples?

Example for your individual product page: Click Here Example for your personalised online shop with all your products: Click Here

How do I write a convincing product page?

An informative product page is the key to making sales! We figured out the perfect formula for you. For your first time uploading products, the format is given. Just use this form as a guide to fill up your product details, that should be sufficient to answer all customer inquiries!

Do I need to have any certification to sell with kravve?

No, certifications are not necessary. But you are encouraged to take food handling courses, food tests or any certifications, it give customers more confidence to consume your products!

Do I need to be a registered business under SSM to sell with kravve?


Do we have to supply stock to Kravve?

Kravve do not hold any products. We are different from consignments, which you do not need to stock up products beforehand, so there will be zero wastage. You may start preparing only when you receive an order. Our delivery partner will head over for collection two days after the order is received.

Who does the delivery?

Kravve will arrange for order collection and delivery to the customer. You just need to get the products ready and packaged on time.

Who is responsible for the packaging?

The packaging needs to be done on merchant’s side, and it’s your responsibility to make sure it is packaged safely. Our delivery partner will collect products from you and send directly to the customers.

What are the charges and how should I price my products?

We charge only 15% off your selling price.

How does the customer pay?

Kravve collects the payment via Online Banking through payment gateway system on the website. No C.O.D. options available.

How do I get paid and when?

Sales Settlement will be done bi-weekly via bank transfer.

So how can I sign up?

Create an account with your email and phone number here. It will only take you 30 seconds.  

How if I decided to withdraw after signing up?

All you have to do is just let us know!

What are the terms and conditions to sell with kravve?

For customers to have the best shopping experience, you are required to follow the handbooks provided by us, for product uploading, packaging, and delivery. Delivery schedule arranged by us need to be followed strictly in order for the products to be delivered on time.

How if I still have more question?

Do you see the Messenger icon? Just click on it to drop us a message.

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Be part of the homeseller community