Cold Grind Pistachio Butter

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100% Cold-Grind Nut Spread
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Jun 26, 2020
So creamy and smells good
Aug 11, 2022
Mar 17, 2020
Very very high quality of pistachio butter! It tastes like a dense, concentrated taste of pistachio itself.
Feb 2, 2020
My daugther enjoyed her pistachio butter too. Will definately reorder !
Feb 22, 2020
My child want this for breakfast with breads everyday
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About the food
What's creamy and rich, unique and delicious? It's none other than the all new luxurious Homemade Pistachio Butter! It's very high in antioxidants so it'll keep you youthful for a long time
 Cold Grind Pistachio Butter

With cold-grinding, temperature of the butter will be at 40-50C max. When you use a food processor, the whole batch of nut butter has to stay inside the bowl until it’s all done, causing the temperature to keep rising non stop until it becomes butter. Mine is done only in a few seconds, No nutrients are lost in the heat of traditional blending.

 Cold Grind Pistachio Butter

No nasties, no added oil, just pure peanuts being cold ground into a rich and delicious butter. Cold grinder process preserves the life-essential fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the nuts. This gentle processing allows the peanuts to maintain their inherent nutritional value.

 Cold Grind Pistachio Butter

3 types of seasoning level to choose from, and the seasoned ones are only added with Organic Cane Sugar and Himalayan Pink Salt, no bad chemicals or fillers. - Natural (Just crushed nuts, nothing else) - Mildly seasoned (Light and easy) - Standard seasoned (Yummy!)

  • Pistachio
  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • Himalayan Pink Salt

Diet Preference

Suitable for gastric
Suitable for gastric
Does not contain haram ingredients
Does not contain haram ingredients
Suitable for Hypertension
Suitable for Hypertension
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)

Glass Container
440 g
6 month(s)
Recommand to store in fridge.
Top it on your morning toast, yoghurt or even protein shake!

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What others are asking

What seasoning do you use?
It's only Organic cane sugar and Himalayan pink salt, no MSG or artificial flavorings.
Are your ingredients halal?
I have alot of Muslim regular customers, therefore I'm very strict with the ingredients and utensils I used and made sure they're never in contact with non-halal foods. From the nuts, to the container, oven, spatula, grinder, the cloth I used to wipe the tubs and the table I work on, they've never been in contact with non-halal ingredients at all.

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