【🌭3D Cheese Chicks in Cartoon Blankets】【🌭3D卡通萌萌芝士热狗卷】2pcs/pack

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Esther Yeoh
Jan 30, 2022
The pao is cute. Children likes it
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Jan 15, 2022
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Jean Wei
Feb 25, 2022
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Feb 17, 2022
we made burger with the burger mantao.. So cute
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Feb 12, 2022
好吃, 味道很香
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About the food
【🌭3D Cheese Chicks in Cartoon Blankets】【🌭3D卡通萌萌芝士热狗卷】 1 set 2 pieces with the Cartoon character : 一套兩支小孩卡通迷 : Mickey & Minnie(米奇 & 米妮) OR 或 Donald Duck & Daisy Duck(唐老鴨 & 戴斯鴨) Cutety Minion 小黄人 Wheat bun made from 100% Natural Vegetable & Fruit ingredient + Wrapped in Cheese Chicken Frankfurther First bite, our #SOFT #Wheat bun with the cheese squeeze out, #MUST #SURE you will love them ❗ 外層由蔬果製作的小麥饅頭 + 內裹著芝士香腸 一口咬下去 小麥的鬆軟香味,芝士擠出的爽感,你一定會愛上這滋味 🎉 💯%纯小麦手工制作 Whole Wheat Handmade ️💯%纯蔬果调色 Natuiral Vegetable and Fruit Ingredients ️💢无防腐剂 ️No Preservatives ❌ 💢保证无人造色素 No Artificial Colours & Flavors❌ 💢无软化保湿剂 No Dough Softener❌ 💓看得开心 Happy to see 💓买得安心 Buy at ease 💓吃得放心 Confidence to eat💓 Slogan: 💓We sell with peace ,mom buys with peace and kids eat happily💓 标语 :💓我们卖得安心 妈妈买得放心 小孩吃得开心💓

  • Premium wheat flour 优质小麦粉
  • natural colouring form vegetables and fruits 6-8小時制作烘乾研磨的蔬果粉
  • sugar 糖
  • water 水
  • Yeast 酵母
  • Vegetable oil 可食用油
  • Cheese Chicken Frankfurther 芝士鸡肉香腸

Diet Preference

Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)

Plastic Bag
0.5 g
3 week(s)
❤️How to STORE our cartoon bun and STEAMING methods❓👇 Warm reminder⏰ After receiving our cartoon bun , please keep it in the freezer first. When you want to steam it, take it out to thaw for 30 minutes ( better > 30 minutes), or after thaw you may keep it in the refrigerator over night and steam it in the morning 👇 ✳️✳️ NOTE : ❌❌ DO NOT Thaw and Heat/Steam our buns by using microwave oven ❌❌ Cooking method: Bring water to a boil on high heat. Set the bun on steaming rack and steam it for 10 minutes. The bun is ready to be eaten. 😋 **For 🌭Cheese hotdog buns and 🐷🌈RainbowBelly Piggies Cartoon Buns (many layers of rainbow), you will need to steam them for 12-15 minutes before eating ❗ Tips㊙️ Worry about the water vapor in the pot getting on the buns❓❓ Open up the lid a little bit by inserting a piece of clean cloth to make a small vent. The cloth will absorb moisture 👌 _ Storage time limit: Refrigerate for 3 days Can be frozen for 3 weeks ❗Hot dog rolls & cheese rolls must be stored frozen to ensure that hot dogs and cheese will not deteriorate ❗ ❤️💯% Whole Wheat Handmade ❤️💯% Natuiral Vegetable and Fruit Ingredients 💢 No Artificial Colours & Flavors❌ 💢 No Preservatives❌ 💢 No Dough Softener❌ ❤️如何保存我们的卡通包和蒸煮方法❓👇 溫馨提醒⏰ 收到卡通包后後請放進冷凍冰箱先。 要蒸の時候拿出來解凍 (更好 > 30 分钟),或者解凍后晚上先放冷藏隔天早上可以拿出来蒸👇 ✳️✳️注意 : ❌❌不能在微波炉中解冻/蒸煮/加热❌❌ 蒸煮方式: 解凍後大概 30分钟,大火煮水滚后才下锅蒸,10分钟即可食用。😋 **除了热狗卷&小猪崽彩虹馒头(多层彩虹)需蒸 12-15分钟方可食用哦❗ Tips㊙️ 擔心鍋里水蒸氣沾到包,拿乾淨の布夾住有個小風口。布會吸收水氣👌 ___ 保存时限: 冷藏 3天 冷冻可以收3星期 ❗热狗卷&芝士卷必需冷冻收藏,以确保热狗,芝士不会变质❗ 🐼每颗包子都是新鲜制作,越新鲜吃越好吃♥️♥️♥️ ❤️💯%纯小麦手工制作 ❤️💯%纯蔬果调色 💢保证无人造色素 ❌ 💢无添加防腐剂 ❌ 💢无软化保湿剂 ❌ 坚持手作 坚持零添加 坚持好的食材

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