Almond Cookie 杏仁饼干

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Aug 3, 2020
nice 👍👍👍
Ordered Pineapple Cookies 黄梨酥
May 17, 2020
won't feel dry of it. nice
Ordered Pineapple Cookies 黄梨酥
Jun 29, 2020
will order again for my family try
Ordered Pineapple Cookies 黄梨酥
Mar 13, 2020
Products are delicious as usual.
Ordered Sweet Heart Pastry 6 Pieces 老婆饼6个
May 15, 2020
received my Items love it and so nice order again next time... thank you seller well pack ...keep your good services..
Ordered Sweet Heart Pastry 6 Pieces 老婆饼6个
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About the food
蜜思饼干,回家过年 Miss Home Miss Cookies 农历新年又要到了。精致又可口的新年饼干绝对是每家每户不可缺少的~ 杏仁饼干是一款甜酸适中的饼干。我们用纯牛油制作,所以一口咬下,牛油的香味和杏仁的香脆就融合在口中。因为是小巧的,所以我们会用更多的时间和用心纯手工制作。 我们制做这个甜点已经有6年的时间了。 因为有很多人喜欢吃,所以这个是每年必做的饼干之一。 我们的饼干使用纯Anchor Butter牛油,纯手工制作,少糖不甜不腻让新年过得更健康!香浓脆口的饼干绝对让你停不下来~ 无添加人工色素 无添加防腐剂 Miss Cookies, go home for the New Year Miss Home Miss Cookies The Lunar New Year is coming again. Exquisite and delicious New Year cookies are absolutely indispensable to every household~ Almond cookies is one of the best crunchy and full of aroma cookies. We use pure butter, so with each bite, the aroma of butter and the crunchiness of the cookies was filled in the mouth. Because it is small, So we will spend more time and attention because it is purely hand-made. We have been making this dessert for 6 years. Many people like to eat it, this is one of the must-make biscuits every year. Our biscuits use pure Anchor Butter butter, purely handmade, less sugar, not sweet and not greasy, making the New Year's life healthier! The fragrant and crispy biscuits will definitely make you unable to stop~ No artificial colors added No added preservatives 容量/Quantity:50pcs± 重量/Weight:322g± (Included Container)
Almond Cookie 杏仁饼干
Almond Cookie 杏仁饼干

  • Almond
  • flour
  • butter
  • chocolate chips
  • sugar
  • salt
  • egg

Diet Preference

Does not contain haram ingredients
Does not contain haram ingredients
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)

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322 g
1 month(s)

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