【𝗖𝗒𝗠𝗕𝗒】Australian Beef Combo ( Beef mince, Rib eye steak, oxtail, Shabu shabu slice) - 5 packs

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- M9 Australian Wagyu with seasoning - Braised Beef Ribs - Salmon with Nuts - 550gsm-600gsm Deep sea Lobster - Cooked Prawn - Scallop with cheese - Oyster with cheese - Foie Gras - Rib Eye Steak
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Jul 8, 2020
juicy and nice
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Dickson Bo
Oct 27, 2019
Nice and can really taste the sweet and fresh meat well. Thumbs up
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Barjan Ispaq
Mar 6, 2020
Great for family dinner. Premium Quality food at home
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Erika Lau
Mar 4, 2020
This is a feast pack!! AHAH So good man
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Angie Teow
Jan 31, 2020
Nice service and taste. I would recommend this
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About the food
This combo consists of Beef minced x 1.2kg, Rib eye x 2pcs(230gsm/pc), beef oxtail x 1 pack, Shabu shabu slice x 500gsm.

  • beef minced
  • beef sliced
  • oxtail
  • rib eye
  • salt
  • pepper
  • dry herb

Diet Preference

Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Does not contain haram ingredients
Does not contain haram ingredients
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant

Cardboard Box
2.2 kg
3 month(s)
Freeze it in the freezer with proper container or vacuum pack
Beef rib eye -Season steak with seasoning provided (* Dont put all in one time, just put a little bit will do to avoid too salty) -Sear steak in high heat with a little bit of oil - 1 minute each side for medium rare - 2.5 minutes each side for medium well - Finish with butter and rosemary Beef sliced - Consume with hotpot / shabu - shabu Beef oxtail - Add in to soup

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