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Hi, I'm Alia from Butterlab

Specialty compound butters to elevate the flavours of your everyday meals. Bringing delicious-ness to you. 100% homemade. 100% fresh ingredients. NO artificial flavourings or MSG added.
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Aug 19, 2021

About the food
What is compound butter? Compound butter is a mixture of butter and either savoury/sweet ingredients to enhance the flavours of dishes. Butterlab's "The Classic" butter is unique from all other garlic & herb butters as we incorporate not only fresh herbs & garlic to our premium Dutch butter, but also a bovine product (bone marrow) for that luxurious, beefy flavour, and a sprinkle of our secret ingredient = golden umami dust. Full list of ingredients are: Butter, parsley, thyme, rosemary, shallots, bone marrow (bovine ingredient), cayenne pepper, worcestershire sauce, garlic, golden umami dust. The Classic is well-known across our customers in being the do-it-all butter to put on any home cooked dishes for that natural flavour addition and elevation. Amongst some common dishes are: 1. Steaks / meats 2. Chicken 3. Fish / Seafood (prawns, clams, etc.) 4. Pasta 5. Rice Depending on whether I would have stock on hand already, you would be able to get the butters within 1 day. Otherwise, 5-7 days.

  • Butter
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Shallots
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Worchestershire Sauce
  • Bone Marrow
  • Golden Umami Dust.

Diet Preference

Suitable for Diabetic
Suitable for Diabetic
Suitable for Elders
Suitable for Elders
Suitable for gastric
Suitable for gastric
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Does not contain haram ingredients
Does not contain haram ingredients
Suitable for Hypertension
Suitable for Hypertension
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)

Glass Bottle
100 g
4 week(s)
Use a clean butter knife always when scooping the butter. Advised to not cook with the butter as there are fresh herbs within the butter itself so it would burn if put on high heat. Let it melt on top of hot food instead!

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What others are asking

What can I use "The Classic" butter on?
Anything & everything! Some common dishes the butter is used on are on steaks, lamb, chicken, fish, seafood, pasta and even rice! The possibilities are limitless. Let your imagination run wild.
Are your butters halal?
All our butters are made with halal ingredients only.
Are your butters vegetarian/vegan friendly?
No. Our butters are not vegetarian/vegan friendly. There is a bovine product within the butter.
What is the shelf life of the butter?
Our rosemary and thyme-infused oil acts as a natural preservative to the butter. If kept in the fridge, the butter can last up to 1 month. If frozen, the butter can last up to 2 months.
What do I do with my empty jars?
Butterlab's sustainability program encourages you to keep the jars and return clean ones to us in 3's for an added discount off your next purchase.

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