Celery Pork Dumpling 芹菜猪肉饺子(一盒8粒 / 8 pcs a box)

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Jan 7, 2022
Dumplings flavours also very unique, can't find elsewhere!

About the food
1 SET 8 PCS/HANDMADE, NO PRESERVATIVES & COLORINGS ADDED/单点一盒8个/手工制作,绝无防腐剂和颜色素 饺子运送只限巴生谷 Dumplings only deliver within Klang Valley
Celery Pork Dumpling 芹菜猪肉饺子(一盒8粒 / 8 pcs a box)
Celery Pork Dumpling 芹菜猪肉饺子(一盒8粒 / 8 pcs a box)

  • Wrappers (饺子皮): Spinach juice (菠菜)
  • Minced Pork (猪肉碎)
  • Sesame oil (香油)
  • Salt(盐巴)
  • Sugar(白砂糖)
  • Pepper(胡椒粉)
  • Flour(面粉)
  • egg (蛋).

Diet Preference

Suitable for Diabetic
Suitable for Diabetic
Suitable for Elders
Suitable for Elders
Suitable for Hypertension
Suitable for Hypertension
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant

Plastic Container
180 g
1 month(s)
饺子建议煮法 Cooking Instructions: Steaming is NOT recommended (不建议蒸煮) DO NOT Defrost (无需解冻) 水煮: 水煮滚后直接加入半茶匙盐和冷冻子入锅,轻微搅动以防粘锅,再次沸腾时加入一碗凉水(点水),重复2次点水动作后,饺子膨胀浮起即可出锅。(总用时约6分钟) Boiling : Add half teaspoon of salt & frozen dumplings into boiling water. Pour another bowl of water upon water is boiling, then repeat the action 2 more times. Dumplings are ready when they float on the surface.(approx. 6 mins). 冰花煎饺 先准备2/3碗凉水(约120克), 加入1汤匙面粉和半汤匙食用油搅拌均匀备用。不粘锅刷点油,冷冻饺子直接下平底锅排好,开中小火煎至1分钟后将搅拌好的面粉水加至饺子2/3身,盖上锅盖小火焖至水干,约8分钟,打开锅盖煎至金黄网状即可翻碟出锅。 Gyoza: Prepare 2/3 bowl of water ( approx. 120g), 1 spoonful of flour, 1/2 spoonful oil into the water and mix. Brush oil in a non stick pan. Cook frozen dumplings in medium low heat for 1 min. Pour flour mixture into the pan till 2/3 level of dumplings. Then, cover with lid in low heat till water evaporated( approx. 8 min) leaving a thin layer of slurry. Uncover the lid, and leave till the bottom part turns golden brown. Transfer into a plate and ready to serve. 油炸饺子。 水煮的饺子放凉后直接中火油炸至金黄色 Deep fried: Boiled frozen dumplings using boiling method as above, then leave till cooling down. Next, deep-fried dumplings in medium heat till turned golden brown. 酸汤饺子 准备适量配料(蒜末/葱花/酸菜/小米椒/白醋/盐/糖/鸡精/酱油/川不麻辣椒油)加入开水搅拌均匀后,加入水煮好的饺子即可食用 Sour Soup: To Prepare: minced garlic , spring onion, pickled vegetables , chili padi, vinegar, salt, sugar, chicken essence & Da Niu chili oil. Blend all ingredients into a big bowl of hot water.Add on boiled dumplings using the boiling method as above and ready to serve.

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