CNY Bamboo Storage Basket Cookies Gift Set B 福虎生丰竹编八角收纳篮礼盒配套B

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Jun 18, 2021
The dumplings have enough filling, with just enough salt, so they are tasty. The lean meat is too dry and hard, would have prefered a piece meat with some fat.
Ordered Traditional Classic Salted Egg Meat Dumpling 传统经典咸蛋黄肉粽
Jun 6, 2020
Always had lotus paste with chicken floss, but never had red bean paste with chicken floss. It taste as good as it sounds.
Ordered 玫瑰豆沙鸡丝 烧皮月饼 (6pcs/box) Red Bean Paste Chicken Floss Baked Skin Mooncake
Jon Tan
Aug 1, 2021
I like that the lotus paste is not too sweet. The pastry also taste buttery. I personally don't like the egg yolk so if they can offer something without egg yolk would be great.
Ordered 莲蓉蛋黄上海月饼 (6pcs/box) Lotus Single Yolk Shanghai Mooncake
Siew Hooi Woo
Siew Hooi Woo
Oct 1, 2020
Mooncakes was packed well and arrived in perfect condition. Taste is just what i was looking for - crust is buttery and rich. Filling is just nice and not too sweet.
Ordered 莲蓉蛋黄上海月饼 (6pcs/box) Lotus Single Yolk Shanghai Mooncake
Lai Huey Mien
Lai Huey Mien
Sep 13, 2021
tasty, will order again < Back
Ordered 传统猪仔饼(含豆蓉陷)Traditional Lotus Paste Doll Biscuit
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About the food
《玛特琳小屋》今年共有四款精美实惠礼盒配套可选,每款都是限量制作。提早预订把这份温馨好礼及祝福送到亲朋好友手上。 《福虎生丰来进宝》祝福收到這份礼盒的每個人,丰收、富足、2022虎年虎生威! CNY Cookies Gift Set B 福虎生丰礼盒配套B 1. 花生饼 Peanut Cookies ~ 1罐tin (250g+-) 2. 杏仁南瓜籽脆片 Almond & Pumpkin Seeds Florentine Crunchy ~ 1罐tin ( 160g+-) 3. 巧克力杏仁饼干 Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ 1罐tin(250g+-) 4. 杏仁酥 Almond Cookies~ 1罐tin(250g+-) 5. 手提竹编礼盒收纳篮bamboo gift box storage basket~1 个 pic 6. 新年贺卡 New Year's card~1 张 pic(可代写) 7. 元宝Ingots~1个pic 8. 玉片中国结 Chinese Knot Hanging Jade~1个 pic 👉纯手工制作 👉无添加任何防腐剂 👉少糖 👉安全卫生 👉真材实料 👉口齿留香 👉回味无穷
CNY Bamboo Storage  Basket Cookies Gift Set B  福虎生丰竹编八角收纳篮礼盒配套B
CNY Bamboo Storage  Basket Cookies Gift Set B  福虎生丰竹编八角收纳篮礼盒配套B

  • 面粉 gluten flour 糖粉 Icing Sugar 花生Peanut 黄油Butter 蛋黄Egg Yolk 杏仁片Almond Flakes 南瓜子Pumpkin Seeds 麦芽糖粉Florentine Powder 无盐奶油 Unsalted Butter 黄梨馅Pineapple Paste 巧克力粒Chocolate Chips 杏仁粒Almond Nibs 水Water

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Does not contain haram ingredients
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Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)

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