[CNY Gifts Healthy & Beauty Tea] Sweet Beauty Tea ( 滋润美颜花茶)

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All natural healthy and beauty tea
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9 reviews
Feb 11, 2020
Very light tea
Ordered Enchanted Beauty Tea (美白花茶)
Jul 1, 2020
Better attention after drinking
Ordered Enchanted Beauty Tea (美白花茶)
Jul 3, 2020
Smells good and taste delicious
Ordered Enchanted Beauty Tea (美白花茶)
Edwin Su
Jul 5, 2020
Fast delivery, good packaging. Good product, will continue order!
Ordered Love My Heart Tea (爱心花茶)
Dianella Chiu
Feb 9, 2020
Its very slow delivery only but the tea is good
Ordered Sweet Dream Tea (好梦茶)
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About the food
This sweet nourishing tea uses popular Chinese herbals that is effective in promoting general health and beauty. 1. Chrysanthemum - Rich in vitamin A and antioxidant. It can reduce heat and inflammation. Helps to generally reduce the signs of aging, wrinkles and blemishes. 2. Pear - High in vitamin C and copper. The anti-oxidant nutrients are critical in building up your immune system and protect cells from damages by free radicals. 3. Red Dates - Help replenish and nourish your blood, thus improving blood circulation. This can lead to better liver and digestive function, balance of inner body energy (qi) and improved immunity. 4. Goji Berries - High in anti-oxidants and nutrients to improve immunity, promotes healthy skin, protects the eyes, stabilizes blood sugar, and detoxifies the liver. 100% natural ingredients. Caffeine free. NO colouring. NO preservative. NO additive. NO added sugar. Freshly made & packed upon order. 食材:菊花,干雪梨,红枣,杞子 功效: 抗氧化,排毒养颜,延缓皮肤衰老,减少皱纹和斑点 100% 纯天然 无咖啡因 无色素 无防腐添加剂 无糖 现买现包装

chrysanthemum,pear,goji berries,red dates

Diet Preference

Does not contain haram ingredients
Does not contain haram ingredients
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant

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