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About the food
Made from fresh Thai mango that has been ripened to perfection. This on the go snack has been sliced, diced, oven dried with 3 healthy digestive ingredients. Key Ingredients Mango - freshly dried mango from northeast and east of Thailand. The species of our mango is called ‘Kaew’, in Thai which means Glass. This species of mango has a good aroma and features a yellow or gold flesh with a well-balanced sweet and sour taste. When eaten raw, it has a good crispy texture and can be used in Thai salads, dips etc. Nutrition Information chart Per Serving Size: 50g Energy 163kcal • Protein 0.5g • Total Fat 0.4g • Saturated Fat 0.1g • Trans Fat 0g • Total Carbohydrate 43.1g • Dietary Fibre 1.3g • Sugars 25.0g • Sodium 0.2mg Ingredients: Dried Mango, Lactobacillus Praracasei (Heat killed probiotics), Inulin (Prebiotics) Eat 50g, give you 2 billion probiotic CFUs
EatWell Probiotics Dried Mango
EatWell Probiotics Dried Mango

  • Ingredients: Dried Mango
  • Lactobacillus Praracasei (Heat killed probiotics)
  • Inulin (Prebiotics)

Diet Preference

Suitable for Diabetic
Suitable for Diabetic
Suitable for Elders
Suitable for Elders
Suitable for gastric
Suitable for gastric
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Does not contain haram ingredients
Does not contain haram ingredients
Suitable for Hypertension
Suitable for Hypertension
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)

Standing Pouch
50 g
6 month(s)
Best before date, listed on pack for dried fruits. Store in a cool dry place. Comes in a resealable pouch.
Ready to Eat. Comes in a resealable pouch.

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What others are asking

What is Inulin (Prebiotic)?
Inulin is an indigestible carbohydrate, a polysaccharide made of 20 to several thousands fructose molecules with a glucose molecule on the end. Inulin belongs to fructans. It is a soluble fibre.
How does Inulin work in our body?
Inulin is not digested or absorbed in the stomach. It goes to the bowels where bacteria are able to use it to grow. It supports the growth of a special kind of bacteria that are associated with improving bowel function and general health. Inulin decreases the body's ability to make certain kinds of fats. Inulin also adds bulk to your stool and increases the frequency of your bowel movements. You may have more bowel movements, but inulin slows overall digestion. This enables your body to better absorb nutrients from the food you eat.
Is there any side effects taking Inulin?
Very rarely – The different forms of inulin have been studied extensively, and appear to be safe for most people when consumed in small doses. People with a food allergy or FODMAP intolerance should avoid it. If you take more than a small amount, then you're likely to experience some side effects in the beginning. The most common side effects are: Flatulence (gas), Bolating, Abdominal discomfort, Loose stools and diarrhea.
What is the Lactobacillus Paracasei (Probiotic)?
It is an elite lactic acid bacteriua with excellent immune activity selected from among the several thousand strains of lactic acid bacteria. The strain greatly surpasses the other lactic acid bacteria in immune activity. It is a lactic acid bacterium recommended by Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd . Japan’s pioneer in research into bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria.
How does probiotics work in our body?
The probiotics acts on the immunocytes in the small intestine to produce immunologically active proteins (IL-12). The probiotics stimulates antibody production promoter cells to produce antibodies that can be compared to the “key to immunity” for protecting the body against invading enemies.

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