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我们销售纯手工制作食品! - 福建咸肉粽 - 富贵粽子 - 素粽子 - 春卷 - 槟城娘惹阿杂菜 - 咸蛋姆鲁古 - 黄梨酥 We sell pure Handmade Food! - Hokkien Rice Dumping - RICH Rice Dumpling - Vegetarian Rice Dumpling - Bakkian - Nyonya Acar - Salted Egg Muruku - Pineapple Tart
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Sue Lee
Sue Lee
Jul 10, 2020
I love the crispness as it crumbles into your mouth. Not a fan of hard muruku that you get elsewhere. However, I do agree with other reviewers on the oiliness. The curry leaf looks good, but I can not taste it. This is my 2nd order as the taste kinds of grows on you. Overall, good job.......
Weng chun
Jul 1, 2020
It's very good. You won't regret buying. I wish it is just a little more spicy but that's because I like really spicy food.
Jul 22, 2021
Came in a decent sized container, sealed for freshness. Texture was crunchy and yummy. Some parts did not have any salty eggyolk. It's a perfect TV /WFH SNACK.
Marlene Mak
Dec 22, 2020
It was really good. I bought for my parents and friend too, they love it. Very good and fast response from Kravve. 🥰🥰
Jul 1, 2020
Overall ok. A bit oily and too crispy (A bit hard). Feel free to add more spices. Otherwise it shall not be called muruku.
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About the food
A mouthful of salted egg fragrance ! you will literally can't stop eating ! The No 1 snack among the salted egg snacks family ! No preservative, No processed coloring, MSG Free

Wheat Flour, Salted Egg, Yeast, Salt, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Water, Curry Leave, Butter

Diet Preference

Does not contain haram ingredients
Does not contain haram ingredients
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant
Mild Spiciness
Mild Spiciness

Plastic Bottle
490 g
3 month(s)
Normal keep at indoors. Ensure that is tight cover 保存在室内. 确保盖紧

KKM Certified
Identity vertified
Delivers on time
Rave reviews
Safe packaging
Sparkling clean kitchen

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What others are asking

It is really taste good, since i never try before?
Yes, it is really good. It is homemade SALTED EGG MURUKU with special recipe. The difference between us and outside, it is fully covered by SALTED EGG and CURRY LEAVE. At the same time it is fragrant !! By the way, I had eaten for 2 tins of SALTED EGG MURUKU.
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