YUAN 元味家作 Natural Fremented Korean Kimchi 韩式傳統手作泡菜

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Patricia Wong
Jul 21, 2021
Personally, I find the taste was a little bland and too spicy. Indeed it was Volcano. Therefore, it sort of overpower the flavor.
Ordered YUAN 元味家作 Spicy VOLCANO Mee Pok 勾魂火山拌面

About the food
沿用韩国传统泡菜的做法 精选高级入口蔬果 和用大量的韩国辣椒粉 鱼露 蔬菜 腌制 再交给时间 徐徐的发酵 酝酿出酸的天然 辣的过瘾的韩式美味 最能代表韩国的国民美食 吃一口让你一秒到韩国 韩式泡菜适合做为小菜 拌饭 韩式烧烤拌料 用于烹煮豆腐 海鲜汤类 炒饭 部队锅 韩式煎饼 用来腌肉类 海鲜也能提升食物的美味 Follow the traditional Korean kimchi recipe, by selecting premium imported fruits, vegetables Pickled with plenty of Korean chili powder, fish sauce, vegetables Fremented slowly over time enabled us to create a natural sour and spicy Korean delicacy. One of the most representative of Korea’s national food Korean kimchi is suitable as a side dish, bibimbap, Korean barbecue sauce Used for cooking tofu, seafood soup, fried rice, army pot, Korean pancake Used to marinate meat and seafood can also enhance the taste

大白菜,红萝卜,白萝卜,青葱,韭菜,韩国进口辣椒粉,蒜,姜,大葱 Long Cabbage, Carrot, Turnips, Spring Onions, Chinese Chive, Imported Korean Chili, Garlic, Ginger, Onion

Diet Preference

Does not contain haram ingredients
Does not contain haram ingredients
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant
Suitable for Lactose-intolerant
Intense Spiciness
Intense Spiciness

Vacuum Pack
500 g
2 month(s)
置产品于冰箱 开封使用时 为维持品质及保鲜期限 请储存在干净密封器皿 建议在30天内食用完毕 Please keep in chiller after receiving In order to maintain the quality and prolong the freshness of the products, please use a clean, airtight utensils to store Consume within 30 days after opening

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