Whole Californian Almonds, Organic Cane Sugar* and Himalayan Pink Salt*
*only for Standard and Mild seasoning level
Seasoning options 
– Unseasoned (Just crushed nuts, nothing else)
– Mildly seasoned (Light and easy)
– Standard seasoned (Yummy!)
Process of Making
1. The nuts are slow roasted at a very low temperature over a very long time to perfection in a rotisserie oven, retaining all the heat sensitive nutrients.
2. The roasted nuts are being cooled down to room temperature
3. The nuts are then being ground into butter with a cold grinder(NOT BLENDER OR FOOD PROCESSOR)
Nutritional Value
VEGAN? – Yes
HALAL? – Not certified halal but does not contain non-halal ingredients
Unique Selling Point

What is Cold Grinding?

I have a Breville Sous Chef food processor and a Vitamix 5200 blender. Any professional chef will tell you that they’re good enough for a home business like mine. But it’s not enough for me. I’ll tell you why I insisted on getting a cold grinder if the food processor can do the same thing. 

#1 Temperature of the butter will only be at 40-50 degree max with cold grinding.

kravve homemade cold grind nut butter almond natural healthy

When you use the food processor, the whole batch has to stay inside the bowl for ten minutes until it’s all done, causing the temperature to keep rising none stop until it becomes butter. Mine is done in only a few seconds. No nutrients are lost in the heat of traditional blending.

#2 A food processor can’t make that butter as smooth as a cold grinder.

Butter is quite thick and the blades have to slow down a lot due to the resistance. In the long run, it’s going to burn the motor of the food processor too. I actually have a customer that told me that her blender is dead after a few times of making nut butter. 

#3 Butter made with food processor will not last as long as a cold grinder.

Active oxidation occurs when centrifugal force introduces oxygen. For my nut butter, it can actually last for months and will not turn rancid as fast as a food processor. 

#4 Not a single drop of oil is added in the making at all with a cold grinder.

Depending what food processor and nuts you use, some will require you to add oil or any liquid to make butter. 

#5 Most oil changes its properties when it’s heated up.

Like the recent palm oil in Nutella banning issue where it’s carcinogenic after heated up. With a cold grinder, the oil content in nuts is being processed at a low temperature, thus preserving its natural properties. With a food processor, I can’t say it’s the same as it’s being processed at a very high temperature, you don’t know what the nut oil will become after all the heat.
Storage Guideline
Please use a clean and dry butter knife to take the butter out every time and don’t forget to close the lid tightly.
Shelf Life
Sealed, room temperature – 1month
Opened, room temperature – 1month
Sealed, refrigerated – 6 months
Opened, refrigerated – 3 months
Product Net Weight (gm) – 220gm/440gm
Product + Packaging Weight (gm) – 250gm/470gm
kravve homemade cold grind nut butter almond natural healthy kravve homemade cold grind nut butter almond natural healthy
kravve homemade cold grind nut butter almond natural healthy
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