Borneo Rainforest Raw honey
Process of Making
Collect honeycomb from bee’s hives, extract honey from honeycomb, process, and packaging into the bottle. Then, it’s ready for you to consume.
Nutritional Value
– Vitamins
– Amino acids
– Trace enzymes
– Minerals, such as calcium, iron, sodium chlorine, magnesium, phosphate, and potassium
HALAL? Not certified halal but does not contain non-halal ingredients
Unique Selling Point
– It is RAW, no preservatives added to the product.
– It is sugar-free
– Beneficial for health, such as skin care, medication (cough suppressant, improves digesting system, boost immune system, reduce chances cancer’s attacks, etc.)
How to use it?
– Spreads for breakfast
– Seasoning for your lunch’s and dinner’s meals
– Dipping sauce for snacks
– Sauce for desserts
– Drink
raw rainforest borneo honey kravve
Storage Guideline
Keep at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight from getting in touch with the product.
Shelf Life
Sealed, room temperature – 6months
Opened, room temperature – 6months
Product Net Weight – 430gm
Product + Packaging Weight – 630gm
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