You can be creative ! Cook any favorites Malaysian Dishes with Kampar’s Sambal Belacan. It’s so simple and easy.


Fresh Chillies, Onion, Shallot, Dried Shrimp & Belacan
Process of Making
Step 1: Roast the belacan, onion, shallot & dried shrimp on flame or in the oven, until it browns.
Step 2: Pound/ grind the chilies and belacan until it blends well.
Step 3: Add sugar & salt and mix well until the mixture is fully cooked
HALAL? – Not certified halal but does not contain non-halal ingredients
What makes your product SPECIAL?
Authentic Mom’s sambal belacan recipe, Where family comes closer because of home cooked food.
Storage Guideline
You can refrigerate the sambal belacan for about 1 month.
Pair it with your favourite dish and enjoy your meal to the fullest.
Shelf life 
room temperature – 1 Week
refrigerated – 1 Month
Product Net Weight – 200gm
Product + Packaging Weight 250gm
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Kampar Kitchen

Being a Mom is never easy. Getting everyone home for dinner is even harder... But, with Kampar's Sambal Belacan Home Made secret recipe, you can be a Master Chef over night! Serve it as a side dish or just simply fry it with your favorite veggie or seafood, you can cook tasty and healthy dishes for your whole family ! Families come closer because of your Home Cooked Meal

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