Keropok Keping Original


Fish, Flour, Sago, Salt

Process of Making
1. Fishes are caught fresh from the ocean (east coast Malaysia)
2. Fish meats are then blended, mix into flour/sago
3. Fish paste mixture get rolled into shape and boiled
4. Slice the mixture into pieces and Dehydrate them under the sun.
5. Deep-Fried
Nutritional Value
Fish is high in important nutrients that most people don’t get enough of. 
This includes high-quality protein, iodine and various vitamins and minerals.
However, some fish are better than others, and the fatty types of fish are considered the healthiest.
HALAL? – Not certified halal but does not contain non-halal ingredients
What makes your product SPECIAL?
– 100% Terengganu Made product (the pride of Terengganu)
– More fish than flour compared to local KL keropok
– Crunchier than local KL keropok 
– Special Chilli Sauce (Pencicah). The perfect sauce for keropok that only East Coast Malaysia produce them.
– Quality Fish with low-fat level chosen.
Storage Guideline
Dry and Cool Place
Shelf life
Sealed, room temperature – 3 months
Opened, room temperature – 3 weeks
Product Net Weight – 200gm
Product + Packaging Weight – 250gm
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KEMAMAN FAT BOY is a brand of Fine and Quality Keropok (Fish Cracker). Established in year 2015, we believe in the needs to promote local Malaysian food & snack to the world. Stationed in Seri Kembangan today, it has been supplying good quality Keropok to the local market, Singapore & Taiwan.     Fish fritters, fish sausages or fish sticks are called ‘keropok’ In Terengganu. There are three types of keropok, mainly keropok lekor (resembling sausage, boiled chewy ones), keropok goreng (also resembling sausage but fried chewy ones) and keropok keping (sliced, sun-dried and fried).  All districts produce their own keropok but the famous ones are none better than those found in Kemaman.    

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