Your best solution to tricking picky eaters into taking nutritional food. Happiness is when you get the recognition from KIDS who start eating or able to finish their meals with this 100% Pure Ingredients Homemade Cooking Powders in it!



*Suitable for BB from 10 months onwards*

Health Benefits of Beetroot:-
1. High in immune-boosting Vitamin C, Fiber, & Essential Minerals e.g. Calcium, Potassium ~ essential for healthy nerve and muscle function, & Manganese ~ good for bones, liver & kidneys

2. Rich in Nitrate ~ helps to improve blood flow & lower blood pressure

3. Contain Vitamin B Folate ~ helps to reduce the risk of birth defects

Sweetcorn has

been mixed in order to mask the mildly bitter taste of the Beetroot

~ Believe me, this *NEW* powder is definitely a B.I.G. star to your kids ~ it is suitable to add on to the plain porridge, cereals, milkshake, or anything u cook for them ~

Weight: 50g, 80g


Steamed Cheesy Chicken Patty / Meat Balls

~ 0.5 tsp x #ZoeysKitchen Homemade Kampung Chicken Powder
~ 1 tsp x #ZoeysKitchen Homemade Organic Beetroot Sweetcorn Powder
~ 300gm (or one set) x Chicken Breast (cubed)
~ 100gm Sliced Lotus Root (can replace with Chestnuts or Carrots)
~ 50gm Sweetcorn Kernels (optional)
~ 50gm Grated Cheddar Cheese
~ 1pc x Egg (may add extra 1pc egg yolk for deco)
~ 1 tbsp x Corn Flour
~ 1 tbsp x sesame oil

1. Added the cubed chicken breast + #ZoeysKitchen homemade kampung chicken + organic beetroot sweetcorn powder + lotus root (or chestnut or carrots) into food processor & minced *medium to fine texture* (alternatively can also buy the ready minced chicken & added with chredded lotus root / chestnut / carrots to create the mixture without food processor)
2. Remove the mixture from food processor, added cheddar cheese + sweetcorn kernels + egg + corn flour + sesame oil & mixed well
3. For chicken patty with egg yolk, shaped the mixture to big round shape & press a bit @ the central part to put in the egg yolk before steam / or can also shaped the mixture into big meat balls according to your preference
4. Steamed for 20 minutes & ready to serve! ?


P.I.N.K. Angel Hair Pasta

~ 1x Tsp #ZoeysKitchen Organic Beetroot Sweetcorn Powder
~ 150gm x Angel Hair Pasta *or any pasta of your choice*
~ 300ml x Cooking Cream
~ 100gm x Grated Cheddar Cheese
~ 200gm x Bite-Sized Chicken Breast *or Sliced Chicken Breast*
~ 50gm x Sliced Leek
~ 50gm x Sweetcorn Kernels
~ Olive Oil (some)
~ Water (sufficient to cover the pasta)

1. (A) Heat up few drops of olive oil in the frying pan, added with sliced leek & sweetcorn kernels, quick stir-fry then set aside
2. (B) Put water to boil, added with the pasta of your choice & cook in according to cooking time as per the packaging instruction; drained the pasta once cooked, added with some olive oil then set aside
3. (C) Heat up the cooking cream in the frying pan, added with #ZoeysKitchen Organic Sweetcorn Powder & cheddar cheese
4. Added (A) & (B) into (C), quick-stirred & mixed-well
5. Ready to serve ~ Enjoy ?


Organic Beetroot Sweetcorn Hei Ban / Xi Ban

Ingredients A (Starter)
~ 75gm Plain Flour
~ 65gm Warm Water
~ 1 x Tsp Instant Yeast

Ingredients B (Xi Ban)
~ 1 x Tbsp #ZoeysKitchen Organic Beetroot Sweetcorn Powder
~ 75gm Plain Flour
~ 100gm Glutinous Rice Flour
~ 65gm Fine Sugar
~ 100gm Water
~ 20gm Coconut Oil

1. Place starter ingredients (A) to mix ~ Leave them in the mixing bowl for first proving about 1 hour
2. After 1 hour, add Xi Ban ingredients (B) to mix, then knead into smooth dough *Note:- Please remember to put some oil in both hands before handling the dough as it is in sticky form*
3. Divide the dough into around 50gm each, roll into round shape & place them on the parchment paper ~ slightly press to flatten the shape them for 2nd proving for around 20 minutes
4. Put in water into the steaming pan until boiling, then place the shaped Xi Ban for steaming around 15-20 mins *duration may be varied depend on the steaming pan*
5. Ready to serve! ?


Organic Beetroot Sweetcorn Glutinous Rice Ball Dessert

Ingredients A (Glutinous Rice Ball):-
~ 1 Tbsp x #ZoeysKitchen Organic Beetroot Sweetcorn Powder
~ 150gm x Glutinous Rice Flour
~ 1 Tbsp x Rice Flour
~ 1.5 Tbsp x Fine Sugar
~ 120ml x Warm Water
~ 2 Tsp x Corn Oil

Ingredients B (Dessert Soup Base):-
~ 10gm x White Fungus (Soaked)
~ 50gm – 80gm x Cane Sugar / Rock Sugar
~ 500ml x Boiling Water

Steps (A):-
1. Combine ZoeysKitchen Organic Beetroot Sweetcorn Powder with flour ingredients & sugar, pour in water and knead into dough; add in oil and knead till smooth, apportion into small pieces and shaped to glutinous balls
2. Boil water and add in the glutinous balls, boil until afloat, shift to cool or normal temperature water & set aside

Steps (B):-
3. Boil water then add in the soaked white fungus & cane sugar / rock sugar, slow boiling for around 25-30 mins
4. Off fire then shift the glutinous rice balls to the ready dessert soup base
5. Ready to serve ??


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