Homemade healthy chicken stock powder, from 100% natural ingredients! Perfect for family cooking especially children. Say bye-bye to MSG.



100% Homemade Cooking Powder with Pure Ingredients ~ Let’s begin your healthy-licious cooking journey here!

Ingredients: Kampung Chicken Breast, Himalayan Salt, Cameron Leek, Celery, Garlic, Onion
Process: The chicken breasts are minced & cooked with the vegetables into a paste before oven-dried for 6 hours, then blended finely.

Weight: 80g, 100g, 140g

Suitable for BB from 12 months onward
Unsalted Kampung Chicken Powder suitable for BB from 6 months to 12 months old

Shelf life: 4-5 months refrigerated


The chicken paste turning into the chicken floss like texture in the mid of oven-dried process ~ the total oven-dried process takes around 5x hours in producing only 4x bottles of 100gm


These are what some of the customers say!


Stir-fry Cameron Leek and Chicken Stock Powder Dish

~ 2pcs x Nicole’s Homemade ‘Lap-Cheong’
~ Half Tsp x Zoey’s Kitchen Homemade Kampung Chicken Powder
~ 2pcs x Cameron Leek (small to medium size)

1. Cut the ‘Lap-Cheong’ & Cameron Leek into thin slices
2. Heat up cooking pan or wok, add ‘Lap-Cheong’ & stir-fry until smell the fragrance of the ‘Lap-Cheong’
3. Add the Cameron Leek & ZoeysKitchen Kampung Chicken Powder ~ quick fried for around 2-3 mins
4. Ready to serve ^^


Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe

~ 1x Tbsp ZoeysKitchen Vegetables Powder
~ 1x Tsp ZoeysKitchen Chicken Powder
~ 600gm Minced Chicken Meat
~ 1/8 cup Multipurpose Flour
~ 1x Egg
~ 1/4 cup Bread Crumbs *I prefer to use Kellogg’s Rice Cereal instead of bread crumbs – grind it to powder & can keep in air tight container till its expiry date*
~ Corn Oil / Olive Oil to fry

1. Mix all ingredients evenly except the bread crumbs / rice cereal
2. Shape the mixture to ball shape, gently press the meat ball to preferred nugget thickness
3. Coat the nugget with bread crumbs / rice cereal
4. Heat a thin layer of Corn Oil / Olive Oil in the pan, then fry the nugget till cook
5. Ready to serve ^^



All-time favourite Vege Rice Balls with Chicken Stock Powder!


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