100% Pure Lemongrass Powder. It is perfect for family cooking especially for children. Also a healthy daily drink for your family and friends.
Say NO to MSG, healthy life start from healthy food apply.

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 50gm | 1g x 50 bags (in tea bag filter)

SHELF LIFE: Refrigerated – good up to 12 months



Pure lemongrass powder by May is a 100% homemade powder with fresh lemongrass. Can be used for cooking or making lemongrass drink. It is also good for your confinement period.
It has
X Preservatives
X Colouring
X Sugar & Salt Added
X Fragrance

INGREDIENT: Fresh Lemongrass

Soak the lemongrass in water for 15 minutes, then clean the lemongrass and chopped into small pieces.
Next, they are dehydrated in a dehydrator for approximately 12 hours, then blended into fine powder.
It is healthy as all the vitamin and nutrients are concentrated and remained after the process.

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 50gm | 1g x 50 bags (in tea bag filter)

SHELF LIFE: Refrigerated – good up to 12 months

WAY TO CONSUME (Cooking) :
– good choice of marinating meats
– used in cooking lemongrass chicken or meats

WAY TO CONSUME (Drinking) :
– For Lemongrass bag filter type – can direct consume with warm water/honey /Bentong ginger as a healthy drink for your daily health maintenance.
– For Lemongrass powder type – If making lemongrass drink, lemongrass powder must be stored in a tea bag filter in order to avoid residue remaining in the lemongrass drink.
You can check out the benefits of consuming this pure lemongrass powder here.

Besides using this lemongrass powder, you can also pair with different seasonings & spices in your cooking.

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