Ingredient: Fresh Lemongrass

Product Weight: 50gm | 2.2gm X 30 tea bags

Shelf Life: 12 months



Pure lemongrass powder by May is a 100% homemade powder with fresh lemongrass. Can be used for cooking or making lemongrass drink. It is also good for your confinement period.

It has

     X Preservatives

     X Colouring

     X MSG

     X Sugar & Salt Added

     X Fragrance

Ingredient: Fresh Lemongrass

Product Weight: 50gm | 2.2gm X 30 tea bags

Shelf Life: Refrigerated – good up to 12 months

Process of Making:
Soak the lemongrass in water for 15 minutes, then clean the lemongrass and chopped into small pieces.
Next, they are dehydrated in a dehydrator for approximately 12 hours, then blended into fine powder.
It is healthy as all the vitamin and nutrients are concentrated and remained after the process.

Suggested Way to Consume:
– good choice of marinating meats
– used in cooking lemongrass chicken or meats
– For Lemongrass bag filter type – can direct consume with warm water/honey /Bentong ginger as a healthy drink for your daily health maintenance.
– For Lemongrass powder type – If making lemongrass drink, lemongrass powder must be stored in a tea bag filter in order to avoid residue remaining in the lemongrass drink.

Besides using this lemongrass powder, you can also pair with different seasonings & spices in your cooking.

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