Just Raw Honey from Honeycomb!
Process of Making
1. Raw honey is being harvested from honey comb
2. Simple filtering before packed the honey into bottle
Nutritional Value
Ze Natural raw honey is 100% raw honey which rich in active enzymes to assist to produce beneficial microbes, amino acid and varies of essential vitamins which can bring benefits to our health.
VEGAN? – Yes
HALAL? – Not certified halal but does not contain non-halal ingredients
What makes your product SPECIAL?
– Ze Natural Honey is being lab tested and I am proud to share to that my raw honey result as below:
Moist level: 14.5%
Sucrose level: 1.1%
– Ze Naturalz honey is raw honey with live enzyme
How to use it?
– A teaspoon a day to boost up the immune system, Salad dressing, as sweetener for drinks
Storage Guideline –
Store at room temperature and Avoid direct heat, sunlight, and water
Shelf life –
Raw honey has no expiry date as long as it stored it in the correct way
Product Net Weight – 750gm
Product + Packaging Weight – 804gm
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Why Ze Natural honey seems to be runnier ?? 

Most people don’t understand what makes honey thick or runny. Some assume thick honey is raw and thin, and watery water has been heated. This is not true. Raw honey is not always thicker than processed honey. Hot honey will be more runny but will eventually return to its original viscosity when cooled. So, viscosity is not a sure way to judge whether your honey is raw or has been pasteurized. “Raw” does not equate with “thick” for honey.

Viscosity of honey varies depending on the nectar source. Honey is a reflection of the place (weather, humidity, rainfall, soil, landscape) and the flora the bees forage (nectar viscosity varies depending on flower types). Some floral varietals of honey from certain countries are naturally more vicious than others. For instance, honey from China and Taiwan tends to be runnier. Another reason for watery honey is harvesting the honey too early when the honeycomb is still unripe and uncapped. The bees bees flap their wings to encourage water evaporation until the honey becomes concentrated, and then they cap the honeycomb with wax. If honey is harvested before enough water is evaporated, the moisture content will be too high. Hence, runny honey is not always a sign of adulteration or production from sugar-fed bees, thus viscosity should not be taken as a deciding factor of honey purity or quality.

Furthermore, with warm climate or environment can cause cream honey to become darker in colour and less viscous and runnier. The honey has returned closer to its original liquid state. If you put the honey in a cooler temperature like fridge ull see it become thicker. !!! However pure honey when u place in fridge they will never be freeze up as the moist in the honey is not enough to be freeze up !! Pure honey only consist less than 20% of water

Why Ze Natural honey seems to taste sweeter ??

Ze Natural raw honey is relatively sweeter than other honey as the sweetness of honey is depends on the climate, geographical area and the flowers the bees take in . My honey is from a bee farm which located in TaiChung , Taiwan so the level of rain in Taiwan comparatively to Malaysia is lesser hence the density of the sweetness will be higher than those raw honey in Malaysia

Any test to check on the purity of the honey ?? 
Yes the honey can send to do a food sampling test on the moisture and sucrose test

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