Homemade healthy vegetable powder, from 100% natural ingredients! Perfect for family cooking especially children. Say bye-bye to MSG.



100% Homemade Cooking Powder with Pure Ingredients ~ Let’s begin your healthy-licious cooking journey here!

I start this homemade cooking powder business for my girl ~ Zoey, and with the wish that my homemade cooking powder would benefit all the caring mummies in their cooking for the loved ones!

Ingredients: – Broccoli, Purple Cabbage, Carrot, Tomato, Yellow Onion — all organic except Yellow Onion

Weight: 50g, 80g

Shelf Life:  3 months refrigerated

Suitable for BB from 10 months old onwards


Vegetables Glutinous Rice Ball Dessert Recipe

Ingredients A (Glutinous Rice Ball):-
~ 2 Tbsp x ZoeysKitchen Vegetables Powder
~ 150gm x Glutinous Rice Flour
~ 1 Tbsp x Rice Flour
~ 1.5 Tbsp x Fine Sugar
~ 120ml x Warm Water
~ 2 Tsp x Corn Oil

Ingredients B (Dessert Soup Base):-
~ 10gm x White Fungus (Soaked)
~ 50gm – 80gm x Cane Sugar / Rock Sugar
~ 500ml x Boiling Water

1. (A) Combine ZoeysKitchen vegetables powder with flour ingredients & sugar, pour in water and knead into dough; add in oil and knead till smooth, apportion into small pieces and shaped to glutinous balls
2. (A) Boil water and add in the glutinous balls, boil until afloat, shift to cool or normal temperature water & set aside
3. (B) Boil water then add in the soaked white fungus & cane sugar / rock sugar, slow boiling for around 25-30 mins
4. Off fire then shift the glutinous rice balls to the ready dessert soup base
5. Ready to serve!!

~ Enjoy & Happy Chinese Winter Solstice Festival ~ ?


Healthy Vegetables Pancake Recipe ~

~ 1x Tablespoon (or more) ZoeysKitchen Vegetables Powder
~ 2x Eggs
~ 40g Butter *melt @ 10 seconds in microwave, set aside to cool*
~ 50g Superfine Flour
~ 35g Fresh Milk *can replace with BB warm milk*
~ 20-25g Fine Sugar

1. Add the sugar, butter & eggs in a bowl ~ whisk until well
2. Sift in the flour, then add the vegetables powder & milk into the batter ~ mixed well
3. Heat-up the frying pan (low heat), brush a thin layer of oil, slowly scoop-in the batter & spread evenly until cooked
4. Ready to serve ^^



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