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Hi, I'm Valerie Song from Song's Deli

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Hi, my name is Valerie, and here’s my story. 

I worked in a club 10 years back as an accountant. and because I had 3 kids who is still studying, I decided to leave my job and became a full time driver and a full time mother.

The kids slowly grew up, and I thought, maybe other than family I can try to do other things too. So, I tried to venture into food, which is something I am more familiar with. This is also because my neighbour was also doing homemade food business and it has given me a big encouragement. I decided to not think too much, not to think about how to grow, or what the response. I wanted to just try to step out the first step and then adjust accordingly. Honestly, my neighbour really gave me a lot of encouragement

I think as a women and as a mother, taking care of family and pursuing self interest can co-exist, as long as we find a balance. Following my interest brings me joy. Personally I think it’s very common for a woman to feel very lost when their obligation to the family ended, for example, when the kids grown up. Doing something I like other than taking care of the family has given me self-recognition and I feel like I have not lost touch to the world.

When I left my job 10 years ago, it was my husband alone shouldering the entire family. I still recall, there was a period which was very difficult because I did not have any income and I had to adjust my own mindset to accept the reality. Luckily, it took me only about few months to fully get used to not having income. I thought to myself the family needs me.

When my kids slowly grow up, I started to take on some part time job. When my daughter went to kinderdarten, I will then work part time in the kindergarten too. This way I could spend more time with my kids.

Although I have left my job in the corporate, but I have always talked to myself to never stop making progress. Other than making some income, what I really wanted was to still get connected with the society, because I hope I won’t get out of touch with the real world. Well, it’s not exactly out of touch, but it’s more like I am afraid I will lose myself, and I can’t find my own place in the world anymore. I am afraid that I will one day ask myself “What is it for to make myself so tired…?”

Slowly, I found a balance. Ever since I worked as a kindergarten teacher, I realised that as long as the work that I do is not huge, I can actually take care of both my job and family. Gradually, I rebuilt my own self-confidence and realise my own self-worth. I suddenly realised, actually other than taking care of family, I am still capable to do something else. And importantly, everything that I do is for ME myself, I feel like the self-recognition is very important.
Today my lei cha business is my full-time business and the income is fully supporting our family expenses. Even my husband has joined me in my business now. Am I making a lot of money? No. My husband is still supporting my kids education fee, but from my lei cha business I manage to help to reduce a lot of burden from the family.

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4.8688 reviews

Apr 19, 2020
Efficient delivery service
Mar 15, 2020
Fast delivery
Mar 22, 2020
Crunchy and addictive
Irene Lee
Apr 13, 2020
這個擂茶真的很好吃,很香濃也很美味。簡單的幸福 嘻嘻
Debbie Ong
Jul 5, 2020
Hakka people would be able to tell how authentic the taste it. With this paste, I can eat lei-cha anytime I want. :D And I"m a big fan.
Rose Ng
Dec 20, 2019
真的很推薦這家的擂茶醬! 很棒
Sep 23, 2021
Arrived in time, nicely packaged. A good and healthy soup to have in the fridge at all times.
Tiew Joon Hao
Dec 23, 2019
Im a vegeterian and leicha is always my to go for! This is so delicious 👍🏻
XInyi Voon
Apr 7, 2020
My mum loves leicha and I have no idea how to make it from scratch. Now i can easily make one for her 😊 She's loving this leicha paste too!
Apr 4, 2020
So natural and healthy

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