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Turmeric Golden Paste for Golden Milk Drink

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Sep 1, 2020
Even my teenager takes it. She's just started getting her period and it was irregular then had a 6 months gap. As soon as she started turmeric milk, the very next week her period came and no cramping that she didn't even realised she had her period. Generally me and my whole family are very happy to continue consuming turmeric golden paste as we are feeling all the better for it! We hardly fall sick and even if we do, rarely now, its a mild downtime with plenty of rest to get back on our feet. Till today I am a great believer and advocate of Turmeric Golden Milk and will continue to share this amazing healing drink to as many possible! Thank you Casey and Maureen xoxo
Joyce Q P-Sze
May 21, 2020
Love this! Love the convenience of an at the ready, turmeric golden paste!I find 2tsp to be a more appropriate serving for 8oz of milk. A dash of cinnamon on top makes it even better! It helps with my stomach bloating, arthritis & sleeping problem. Overall: I highly recommend this product!
Sunita Shanmugam
Sep 16, 2020
Some like it hot, I like mine cold.Maureens tumeric from Fiona Lam and Flower power Honey from Lillian Bong.Thank you ladies
Jul 23, 2020
Just so lovely when our turmeric paste helps to return one's living! Testimonial: Hi Fiona - just a note to let you know that I am extremely pleased with Maureen's Turmeric paste and take it almost every day with Almond milk & Cinnamon. As you know I am 66 years old and used to play squash with a heavy knee brace on my right leg, before taking turmeric I could manage one session of squash a week & often had prolonged knee pain with inflammation issues. Over the last eight months I have progressed to playing squash 5 times a week with little soreness and very manageable levels of inflammation in the right knee. I can also play more golf as walking up & down side hills is much easier than it used to be. Thankfully the turmeric has given me the ability to get back a very active life which has helped me to enjoy my sport so much more with increased fitness that goes along in that. Thanks again for convincing me to take the turmeric instead of having knee Replacement surgery! Warmest - Des
Chu Florence
Aug 17, 2020
I had pains in both my arms and when my friend told me about this product l immediately asked this friend of mine for a bottle to try out, sure enough after 3 days of taking this Turmeric Golden paste, the pain has gone. Now I am taking my second bottle and my insomnia is improving also. Thanks to Fiona too for being very patient with me.
Susan Yong
Jun 19, 2020
Big thankyou for introducing Turmeric to me. This Turmeric is like magic to me. Why? now l tell you ! It retards my ageing (85) as everybody says that I do not look so. I still can climb, squart, dance, name it I can do it with Turmeric. I am faithfully taking it twice a day till now. Thank you soooo much Maureen for introducing Turmeric to me.
Syed Hazel
Jul 18, 2020
My yellow breakkie today.Tried coffee with turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, black pepper, vco, cardamon and heavy cream and l love it!
Augustin Tan
Jul 21, 2020
I got this for my mother several weeks ago and she is responding well to pain, swelling - kinda old age arthritis, if you know what I mean. I was skeptical at first that it would do better than my imported turmeric curcumin tablets - after all your turmeric coconut paste is a lot more inexpensive, compared to my USA brand. But having tried that for mum and also for myself for 3 weeks now, I am happy to report that it is actually more effective for my pain and swelling than my turmeric curcumin tablets. Maybe it is fresh or have a whole lot of other natural ingredients or something, but it definitely does a better job.The milk and honey makes the drink nice so I will not hesitate to recommend to others. Good job creating the paste; now I knowl can get it in KL. And for a lot cheaper than tablets turmeric!
Shirley Goon Geok Sim
Jun 16, 2020
Frankly speaking l am very lucky to know abt yr golden turmeric paste fr my dil brothers wife. My knee is so much beter than before. Allergic to seafood. Change to so many brand of the knee supplements.
Loon Kwai
Aug 6, 2020
I have been using your turmeric paste now for several weeks now and I must say it surprises me. Originally, I wanted to treat my pain in my knee - the doctors say it is probably arthritis - a result from too much tumble on the mats. Within 10 days on 3 teaspoons a day, the pain was gone. I had some inflammation from a old shoulder injury and that too went away soon after. To me, your stuff works wonders for my pain and inflammation. Good job with the paste! The taste, I like it too.

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