We have one mission:

To empower every individual to make extra income from their home kitchen

Are you born with a silver spoon?

Chances are you are not. Neither am I.

I come from a very ordinary family with my dad as the sole bread winner, and my mom as a full-time house wife. Money has always been something that we have to fight month over month since I was young.

Like most people, it was not an easy task for my parents to raise my brother and I. Particularly putting me throught a good university, simply because they believe that education is the way for a better future.

That brings me to think - What if my mom can now make an income by just making a tiny bit more of what she is already making for the family?

In fact, she does make this very very amazing homemade pumpkin jam quite often, and her friends and relatives loved it.

What if selling food isn't that hard and she can deliver her homemade pumpkin jam across Malaysia so more poeple can get to know her, and so that she can make some extra income or even a small business from home?

This is why I started Kravve.

Kravve looks to empower many more individuals just like my mom to be able to make some extra income right from their home kitchen.

Through Kravve, we hope to connect home chefs with customers like you who would prefer spending your money to put meals on another family table than someone else million dollars bank account. Kravve looks to provide a one-stop solution for quality lifestyle through quality handmade food, while empowering home-chefs like single mothers and retiries to make some extra income.

Kravve wants to make natural & wholesome handmade food accessible for everyone.

Often times, the biggest chanllege of eating and staying healthy is to get hold of healthy food. There simply isn't a place where you can get healthy and natural groceries (spreads, snacks, cakes, deli meats, sauces and more) all in one place.

Kravve wants to change that. We hope to connect home-chefs with customers like you who value quality lifestyles, to buy and eat with a peace of mind. Because when you are buying a home-chef product, you are essentially buying the same thing they would serve to their kids and family.

Products in Kravve are all handmade, with high-quality ingredients, without preservatives, and additives.

Yong Lin , Founder and CEO

PS. Have you seen the team picture above? I am the guy standing at the far left (yes, in case you are wondering, my eyes is closed in this picture).

A bit on Kravve:

Kravve is an online marketplace where you can buy locally handmade food & snacks -- made by Malaysian mums & homechefs!

To date we have more than 1000 unique selections from all across malaysia on this website. 90% of them are unique — you probably can’t find them anywhere else. 😉

Some cool products?

Jem Bunya Kantan, from Sabah

Keropok Lekor, from Terengannu

Chicken Floss and Lotus Biscuit, from Ipoh

Nyonya Chang (Rice Dumpling) and Chili Achar, from Melaka

Asam Laksa Paste, from Penang

Kuih Peneram, from Langkawi

Not to mention Kuih Batang Buruk, Pineapple Tarts, Kek Batik, Mooncakes and more that plays very important part in our Malaysian festive celebrations!

What are the popular categories?

1. Nutritional Remedies – Usually a concoction made using recipes handed down from nenek moyang, helps body heal, promotes wellness and have no side effect, not like modern meds. 😒

2. Snacks & Nibbles – Can be as healthy as dehydrated fruit chips & granola, or as unhealthy as salted egg yolk snacks. Very interesting choices that you can’t find elsewhere, that’s why it’s one of our best selling category. (like what is kuih batang burukeven?)

3. Spreads & Jams – You think there’s only peanut butter and strawberry jam? Artisan market is powered by #competitiveauntiesleh. Hereby naming a few products to prove my point: Red Wine Plum Jam, Musang King Hainan Kaya, Coffee Caramel Spread.

4. Biscuits & Cookies – Other than a looooot of festive cookies, there are traditional biscuits like what you get from Ipoh & Penang! Like mungbean biscuits, heong piah, chicken floss lotus biscuit… 😍

5. Frozen Deli Meats – Sausages, Burger Patties, Hams, Meatballs, Dim Sum also got.

6. Sauces & Marinades – All the cooking pastes that helps you cook fast! There are also huge variety of sambal (mushroom sambal saltfish sambal tuna sambal wtf). Also vegan pesto!

So… which one do you like the most? Hit on the search button to start looking for the food you like!
Or, click the blue messenger button on bottom right of your screen to ask our friendly customer support for recommendations if it’s too hard to decide. Cheers~