We have one mission: 
To empower every individual to make extra income from their home kitchen



Are you born with a silver spoon?

Chances are you are not. Neither am I.

I come from a very ordinary family with my dad as the sole bread winner, and my mom as a full-time house wife. Money has always been something that we have to fight month over month since I was young. 

Like most people, it was not an easy task for my parents to raise my brother and I. Particularly putting me throught a good university, simply because they believe that education is the way for a better future. 

Now, you see. Life could have been much better if my mom didn’t leave her job to take care of me or if she can still have a career at home. Our family would have two income and the burden wouldn’t just land solely on my dad.

That brings me to think – What if my mom can now make an income by just making a tiny bit more of what she is already making for the family?

In fact, she does make this very very amazing homemade pumpkin jam quite often, and her friends and relatives loved it. 

What if selling food isn’t that hard and she can deliver her homemade pumpkin jam across Malaysia so more poeple can get to know her, and so that she can make some extra income or even a small business from home? 

This is why I started Kravve. 


Kravve looks to empower many more individuals just like my mom to be able to make some extra income right from their home kitchen. 

Through Kravve, we hope to connect home chefs with customers like you who would prefer spending your money to put meals on another family table than someone else million dollars bank account.

Most importantly, through Kravve we want you to be able to buy and eat with a peace of mind. Because when you are buying a home chef’s product, you are essentially buying the same thing that they would serve it to their kids and family. 

Products in Kravve are all handmade, with high-quality ingredients, without preservatives, and additives. 





Yong Lin
, Founder and CEO

PS. Have you seen the team picture above? I am the guy standing at the far left (yes, in case you are wondering, my eyes is closed in this picture).